Why Frontier Education system

Knowledge is an insatiable thirst. The more one flies in this domain the more his spirit gets refreshed and one becomes eager to venture the loftiest of achievements. After having got a marvelous reputation and ultra recognition in the prevalent disciplines, the urge was felt that the present set up must be diversified and elaborated to induct Technical,general and medical education which are of undeniableweight age and have their massive presence in the educational febric .An exclusive infrastructure on Mardan Road built, Keeping in view the installation of modern equipments and machines required in various laboratories regarding different technologies.

Our system has been one, duly recognized and appreciated at international level. Local and international dignitaries have visited our institute. European Uniondelegation and Japanese ambassador have appreciated our programs in their practical visit which is a great source of our confidence and enthusiasm. Similarly Federal Minister Zubida Jalal, Provisional Minister of IT OwaisGhani, Minister for irrigation Engr: ShamsulMulk, Minister for religious affairs QariRoohullahMadani and Minister for Information Technology Mr. Hussain Ahmad Kanjo have paid their visits and have put a seal of recognition and excellence on the brand of education being offered by FRONTIER EDUCATION SYSTEM. So many others military and civil officers have also visited us on different occasions.