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The Information Technology has  shrunk the world into a global village , this proximity among the nations has not only brought the people closer together to conduct their tender feelings to one another quite comfortably but on the other hand this process has resulted into a horrible fact, the fact that weaker nations are helplessly at the mercy of developed countries. They have discerned their secrets and can exploit them regarding their secret designs. On the contrary we have undergone a gruesome neglect and have furtherly dashed into the abyss of wake full blindness. We thought, understood, discerned but we slept and could not move in wake of the colossal challenges of 21st century. The root cause of our deterioration is the abandonment of strong faith, virtuous life, Islamic oriented social norms and our abhorrence of the technological and scientific education.

FrontierEducation system wasestablished in 1989 in view of the above agenda. It was always thought to ensure the renaissance of Muslims through realization of our intellectual, social, ethical and educational responsibilities. It started its efforts by taking a step forward in typing, short hand and Computer courses in the supervision of a keen and curious faculty. It progressed by leaps and bounds and could not spare any effort in trimming the intellectual, social and ethical faculties of our students. The time it has a emerged into a full fledge education system by achieving the land mark of delivering its enlightenment not only in computer short courses but also in General , Technical, Vocational and Medical Fields.
It was on 24th Feb 2000 that the Federal Education Minister Zubaida Jalal inaugurated the information technology and thus it was the first institute of district Charsadda to have launched DIT classes. In DIT classes and other short courses quality of instruction was always upheld.
There has been no compromise on quality of education; some specialist teachers rendered their services under this ceiling. Thousand of male and female student’s have completed their diplomas and certificate course
Besides most of the low paid individuals recently struck by flood & Terrorist acts , Male & Female are getting vocational trainings


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